Thursday, December 15, 2011

Spanish school

Hi everyone!
We've prepared a presentation of our school to show you the most important places. Our school is in Oviedo, a city in the north of Spain. We are looking forward to your opinion. Enjoy it!
Comenius Castles Auseva


  1. Dear Spanish friends,
    we love your video!!
    We like your uniform and you are very good actors!
    Your school is very big and nice.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Keep in touch very soon!
    P4B Morelli school

  2. Hi friends,
    I'm Anna, P5A Camerani school, Ravenna Italy.
    I saw the video of Oviedo's school in Spain. The Oviedo's school is small, but there are some large and useful rooms: a common room, a gym and a beautiful science lab.
    Friends from Oviedo are funny in the video.
    Bye Bye, Anna.

  3. Hello friends!!!!
    I love your video.
    Your school is very nice and big.
    Bye and good Christmas holiday !!!!!!!
    Vanessa P5A Morelli school

  4. Hello friends!!!!
    I saw your video and I liked sow mach.
    Your school is very,very big and beautiful.
    I have a one question:
    Who is the children recorded the video.
    Bye for now GIULIA