Thursday, February 2, 2012

LogoVision 2012

LogoVision 2012
As all the logo projects have been submitted, it is time for us to get ready for the 2012 LogoVision event.
Here are the steps you need to take:
1. Have a closer look at all the logo projects taking part in the International stage of the competition,
2. Print out the logos making sure you use colour printer so that they are all good quality!
3. Make an exhibition at school - display all the projects, but attach numbers only to the ones created in partner schools - you will not be voting for your school's logos this time,
4. Make sure all students have a chance to see the logos,
5. Organize a school voting event - each student and teacher has the right to vote for one project
6. Collect all the votes and count them very carefully,
7. Make a list of how many votes each of the logos received,
8. Calculate your school's voting results according to the rule: the winning logo gets 20 points, then the next one 19 and so on - the last project gets 1.
9. Prepare a team of students to present the results during our online ceremony.
10. HAVE FUN with all this!
Now, here are the logo projects from all partner schools:



  1. Congratulations for all the logos!! They are all so nice!
    Really difficult to choose the best one...

  2. My name is Michele from Ravenna Italy (Camerani 5a).
    The drawings are very nice!
    I see flags in many logos.
    I can tell you something about the Italian flag because my grandmother gave me a special book.
    It is about flags of the world .
    The colour our flag is green, white and red.
    Do you know the reason?
    The green is the colour of our plain, the white is the colour of the snow on the top of our mountains and the red is the colour of blood the soldiers.
    See you soon, Michele!

    1. Dear Michele,
      well done!
      That's true. This is the reason why our flag is green, red and white.
      A huge hug!
      Teacher Chiara