Thursday, July 5, 2012

"What's next!" game on legends and stories

Dear all,
in our schools we had a competition about legends and stories to learn and tell by heart.
These are the children who won, class by class. Congratulations to them all!!
Year 3 A & B Morelli school:
Michela M, Eva A, Filippo A, Jacopo C, Margherita V, Anna e Giulia D.
Year 4 Morelli & Camerani school:
Cristiano S, Amedeo F, Ludovico P, Matilda U, Francesco R ( you can see him in the photo), Alice C, Giorgia G, Angelo S
Year 5 Morelli & Camerani school:
Giulia G, Marco R, Matteo M, Francesco C, Giorgio G, Matteo B, Michele G, Anna F, Marco G, Leonardo B, Federico C
Well done!

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