Friday, October 19, 2012

All about me

In this post we want to tell you about us.
We are Camerani class 2.0, Year 5.
 We live in Ravenna, Italy .
We are nine-ten years old.
We invite you to answer us back and we hope to recieve many messages from you!


  1. Hi!!
    My name is Nicola and i'm 10 years old.
    I live in ravenna italy.
    I like eat pizza,lasagne and chips.
    I love play football and bech-tennis.
    I haven't got any brothers and sisters but i have got three cousins.
    I have got a beautiful cat batuffolo and three fishes.
    I dont' like school and maths,
    but i love english and my teacher Chiara Ferronato.
    Bye for now, Nicola...i go to play football now !!

  2. I am Francesco Taroni and i like the project.

  3. Hello,
    my name's Cristiano.I'm 10.
    I'm from Ravenna in Italy.
    In Ravenna,there's a National Museum and many Churches.
    I've got brown hair and brown eyes.
    I've got one sister.
    I like school ( not too ),i like History and English and Sports, but i don't like Italian and Maths.
    I can play basketball.Bye for now Cristiano.

  4. Iam PIETRO
    Iam nine.
    In Ravenna there a National Musem of Ravenna
    I like ICT and math I love science
    I can play karate!

  5. Hi, my name is Federico.
    I'm 10. I'm from Ravenna in Italy.
    In Ravenna there's a famous museum and many churches.
    I've got brown curly hairs and blue eyes.
    i've got one brother.
    I like Maths and History, but I don't like Science.
    I can play football and guitar.

  6. Hi, my name is Amedeo and i'm ten year old.
    I have got short, blond hair.
    I've got green eyes and glasses.
    My favorite subjet is History,but i don't like Science or Geography.
    My favorite food is cheese, but i don't like salad.
    I have breakfast at half past seven,lunch at one o'clok and dinner at eight o' clok.
    My fantasy animal is the gimonkfish.
    The gimonkfish i can swim, run and climb the trees.
    This crazy animal has got a long neck and a fish tail.

  7. Hello my names is ALESSANDRO,i have ten(10)year old,live in
    Ravenna Italy.
    I have short brown hair and i have brown eyes and i have potatoes
    Ilove History and english but i dont like Italian and Art.
    bye for Alessandro

  8. Hello my names is ALESSANDRO,i have ten(10)year old,live in
    Ravenna Italy.
    I have short brown hair and i have brown eyes and i have potatoes
    Ilove History and english but i dont like Italian and Art.
    bye for Alessandro

  9. Hi, my name is jennifer and i'm ten years old.
    I've got long brown hair and brown eyes.
    My favourite food is chips and meat.
    My favourite subjects are English and Music.
    I like swimming and karate.
    I haven't got any brothers or sisters but i've
    got two cousins.
    I've got 2 fishes and a hamster.
    I'm very proud to be a camarani school student.
    Bye to everyone.

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    1. Hi!
      My name is Vittoria. I'm 10.
      I'm from Ravenna, Italy.
      I have long black hair and brown eyes.
      I like Science,Sport and Music.
      I don't like History or Geography, but I love ICT. It's my favorite subject. ICT is on Wednesday and Friday.
      I have breakfast at seven o'clock, i have cereal and milk.I have lunch at half past twelve, I have spaghetti.i have a dinner at seven o'clock, I have potatoes and meat.
      My crazy animal it's a Monkypengui.It's monkey and penguin.
      Bye for now,

  11. My name is Alessandro
    I'm ten years old
    I live in Ravenna
    I have got short brown hair and brown eyes and I have got a freckles.
    My school is G.Camerani,my favorite subjects are English and History; my favorite teacher is Chiara Ferronato.
    My favorite food is Pizza with bacon and salad
    My favorite sport is cycling and football
    I have a little pet is a turtle his name is Egidia
    Good bye

  12. my name is Sara and i'm 10
    i'm from Ravenna,Italy.
    i have short hair and brown hair and green eyes.
    i like Art and English and History.
    i don't like Mathsor Geography ,but i love sporti'ts my favorite subject.
    i have breakfast at seven o' clock.
    i have milk and cereal or biscquits.
    i have lunch at one o' clock .
    i have pasta .
    i have dinner at eight o' clock .
    i have meat and potatoes.
    my crazy animal it's Giraffe's my favorite giraffe and pengui.

  13. my name sara and i'm 10.
    i'm from Ravenna,Italy .
    this is my family .
    there are mum,dad and me .
    the is a fountain,a sqare,a hotel,a supermarket,clothes shop,a bus station,a museum,there isn't a square.
    bye forn now.

  14. Hi!
    My name's Matilda and i am 10 year old.
    I have got long brown straight hair and green eyes.
    I've got one little brother. His name's Matteo.
    My favourite colour is light blue.
    I like chips and meat.
    I have breakfast at eight o'clok, i have cereal, milk and yoghurt.
    I have lunch at half past twelve and i have pasta and fruits.
    I have dinner at eight o'clock, i have meat, vegetables and bread.
    My favourite subject is Sport.
    Sport is on Friday.
    Friday is my favourite day.
    I like sky and tennis.
    Bye for now,


  15. My name is Chiara.
    I live in Ravenna Italy.
    I've got short,straight,brown hair.I havn't got glasses.
    My favorite subject is English.
    My favorite animal is dolphin.
    By for now,

  16. Hello!
    My name's Diego Raffaele and i'm 10 year old.
    I'm from Ravenna Italy
    I have got short blond hair and brown eyes
    My favourite subject history,art and sport.
    My favourite sport is football:I LOVE FOOTBALL.
    I'm super fan of my team:SSC NAPOLI 1926
    I like spaghetti and pizza.
    I have got one little brother.His name's Simone.
    I have got two little pet's,two turtles:MAREK and EDINSON.
    Bye for now,

  17. Hello, my name is Rebecca Fiaschi, I'm from Ravenna-Italy.
    I have got one sister called Eleonora.
    I have got brown long hair and brown eyes.
    I have breakfast at seven o'clock, I have milk with chocolate and cereals and biscuits.
    I have lunch at one o'clock.
    I like spaghetti, pizza and rice
    I have dinner at eight o'clock.
    My favourite subject is sport.
    I like Art and ICT.
    My crazy animal is Monkeyceetah.
    It is yellow and orange.
    Bye for now